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Zephyr's Compass

A blog about writing, photography, and everything in between.

Visual Novel Special: Hatoful Boyfriend

July 18th, 2012

Figured I’d mix things around today and put a post from a fellow writer at Random Curiosity, Zanibas. A kind of impressions post on the visual novel Hatoful Boyfriend. Maybe you’ve heard of this rumored post before, as it was meant to be a post for April Fool’s a few months back. Maybe not. Either way, due to certain circumstances, the release of the post never made it for April Fool’s, and has been in the void for a bit. But today, Hateful Boyfriend makes its triumphant debut!

The Mass Effect of 3′s Extended Cut DLC

July 5th, 2012

With the DLC out and the Mass Effect adventure officially over, there’s no better time then now to talk about the series as a whole, the impact of the ending, and what the DLC does/didn’t do.

Note: The post will be organized into impressions about the game itself (no real spoilers), my reaction to the ending (spoilers), then a section regarding the DLC (spoilers). 

Launch Week + The Power of Knowing Yourself: An Editorial

May 29th, 2012

With every endeavor comes a beginning, an origin. Results come not from idleness, ideas merely ideas when not acted upon, views useless if not expressed. Today is that beginning for Zephyr’s Compass: a blog culminating from years of thinking and experience, a yearning to reach out to the world, and a desire to make a difference in my own way.

And thus, from Zephyr (Commie Fansubs, leetNEET, Random Curiosity) comes a blog about writing, photography, life, and everything in between.

This is Launch Week, where I will attempt to post 7 articles in 7 days.

And this is the start—I hope—of something special.