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Mysteries Abound: Gosick, UN-GO, and Hyouka.

July 25th, 2012

Since the beginning of the 2011 anime season, there has been a notable influx of series labeled under the mystery genre. Starting with Gosick in the Winter (and Spring) of that season, UN-GO in the Fall, and now with the currently airing Hyouka—it’s definitely an intriguing trend, especially for someone who grew up loving to read mysteries. And you know what’s even more interesting? How each series gives the genre its own special twist to give viewers an enjoyable experience. At least, it was for me. So today, I’ll talk little about each of the aforementioned series, what twist they made to the genre, and why they’re all worth watching.

Just another quick update…

July 23rd, 2012

EDIT2K-ON! Movie post is up.

EDIT1Blast From The Past: Eureka Seven is up.

No worries, I’m still here. I know it’s been a few days since my last article, but in between shuffling research meetings with the professor… covering 2 shows, a manga, writing up a long post for my Blast From The Past column, and writing up another long post on the K-ON! movie for Random Curiosity… and meeting up with old high school buddies, I haven’t really had the time to write extra posts in the last few days.

But stay tuned. With everything except the K-ON! post done, I reckon you’ll be seeing a new article (or maybe even “articles”) by the end of the week. Until then, feel free to look around the site. Lot to see, lot to read.

If anything, my Blast From The Past’ll be posted on RC sometime on Tuesday (Posted! ~ see above) and my K-ON! post sometime around the afternoon Wednesday (Posted! ~ see above).

I’ll update this post accordingly with links as they go up.  Links are up. :P


Visual Novel Special: Hatoful Boyfriend

July 18th, 2012

Figured I’d mix things around today and put a post from a fellow writer at Random Curiosity, Zanibas. A kind of impressions post on the visual novel Hatoful Boyfriend. Maybe you’ve heard of this rumored post before, as it was meant to be a post for April Fool’s a few months back. Maybe not. Either way, due to certain circumstances, the release of the post never made it for April Fool’s, and has been in the void for a bit. But today, Hateful Boyfriend makes its triumphant debut!

Quick theory and things to note regarding Eureka Seven: AO.

July 14th, 2012

Going past the mid-point of E7:AO now, viewers were given the best episode to date in this past week’s episode 13. Filled with revelations, the prevailing question has become: How does Astral Ocean link to the original E7? If at all? And well, after discussing a bit with Guardian Enzo (http://www.lostinanime.com/) and fellow RC writer SaberMochi, I figured I’d share a theory I thought up recently as a result, as well as some interesting questions/points. More after the break…


The Human Revolution is Here! A Deus Ex: HR Review

July 8th, 2012

**Another oldie, but goodie from leetNEET.

Game Info:

  • Sequels: Deus Ex (2000), Deus Ex: Invisible War (2003)
  • Production/Development: Square Enix, Eidos Montreal
  • Genre: Action, Role-Playing
  • Release Info: 8/23/11, XBOX/PC/PS3/MAC
  • ESRB Rating: Mature 17+

The Human Revolution is upon us. The limits we once faced are no more and the time has come to redefine what it means to be human. The question is, at what point does this self-created evolution cross the line? Should there even be any line at all? Either way, you have to decide. Will you join the revolution? Or will you join hands against it? (This review is based on the PC version.)


The Mass Effect of 3′s Extended Cut DLC

July 5th, 2012

With the DLC out and the Mass Effect adventure officially over, there’s no better time then now to talk about the series as a whole, the impact of the ending, and what the DLC does/didn’t do.

Note: The post will be organized into impressions about the game itself (no real spoilers), my reaction to the ending (spoilers), then a section regarding the DLC (spoilers). 

Turn Back The Clock – First Impressions: Rinne no Lagrange

July 2nd, 2012

Figured since Rinne no Lagrange S2 is here, I’d go dig up back this series introduction I wrote way back when as my second ever online article. :D

Series Info:

  • Alternate Names: Flower declaration of your heart, Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne.
  • Production Studio: Xebec (subsidiary of Production I.G.)
  • Air Date:
    • Season 1: Winter 2012. 12/25/11 preair. (11 episodes x 24 minutes per)
    • Season 2: Summer 2012. July start. (11 episodes x 24 minutes per)
  • Notable Staff/VA for Main Roles:
    • Director: Suzuki, Toshimasa
    • VA (Lan): Seto, Asami (Chihayafuru, Hourou Musuko)
    • VA (Muginami): Kayano, Ai (Ano Hana, Guilty Crown, Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam)
    • VA (Kyouno, Madoka): Ishihara, Kaori (Hidan no Aria)
  • Premise/Plot Summary: An energetic girl who lives by helping others, Madoka Kyouno is asked by a mysterious girl to pilot a robot known as the “Vox.” Eager to help, Madoka agrees and becomes the target of extraterrestrials seeking to acquire the Vox for themselves. Wielding the only means of combating them, Madoka fights to protect her city and the planet.

Discussion/Impressions: (Series + Episode 01, 02)

From Xebec, the Production I.G. subsidiary behind the recent Broken Blade (Break Blade) movies, comes the action/sci-fi anime Rinne no Lagrange. Their sole project for the Winter 2012 season, Lagrange may look cliche due to its plot, but you’d be making a mistake not giving the show a chance, especially when it gets so many things right.