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Anatomy of a Model Kit: 1/72 Macross Frontier VF-27γ (BANDAI)

June 1st, 2012

Bandai released this beauty as part of their Macross Frontier 1/72 kit line way back in 2009. Some old pics of the process in building the kit and some small details about the time it took etc. I’m only an amateur model kit builder using basic tools like Tamiya Sprue Cutters and the stickers rather than decals, but figured that this’d be a nice topic to write a quick post on regardless.

Box Art: (Normal + Special Ranka Back Art)

  • Managed to snag one of the early runs with the special Ranka valkyrie artwork on the back.

Manual + Decal/Sticker Sheets

  • Pretty typical manual… One decal and one sticker sheet included depending on what floats your boat. Decals are for the more professional modelers that know how to apply it and troubleshoot things like air bubbles etc. Stickers are more my thing. Don’t look as great, but much easier to apply. Ended up using about half of the stickers given… skipped the really really small ones.

Basic Materials

  • Tamiya Modeler’s Side Cutter
  • Tweezers for sticker application
  • Black Fine Point Gundam Marker for panel lining x2

Part 1-2 –  Cockpit + Head:

  • Cockpit – straight forward assembly similar to the other planes of the series. No real difficulties here. Both see through neon green cockpit and darker gray/purple opaque cockpit supplied. Small pilot figurine unpainted per the norm as well. Approximately 1 hour.
  • Head – made of quite a bit of small parts, but nothing too difficult. Few stickers need to be applied here around the clear neon bits. Approximately 10 minutes for this part.

Steps 3-4 – Left + Right Arms:

  • Pretty much identical construction for both left/right arms except for switch in direction of the joint that connects it to the body. Much sturdier construction compared to past kits… most likely due to this being the latest release of the bunch. Some small panel lines here. 50 minutes for construction.

Step 5-7 – Leg Rocket Boosters (Feet) + Left/Right Leg:

  • One of the longer construction parts due to the fact you have to make the rocket boosters first, then the leg. Leg forms from multiple layers of construction… inner and middle internal layers you don’t see much of, plus the purple/pink outer exterior.
  • The boosters turned out bit loose for some reason or another, nothing a small dab of typical white Elmers glue couldn’t fix though. Good fix that holds it sturdily enough without being permanent.
  • Rocker booster construction about 30 minutes… Left+Right Legs about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Step 8 – Main Fuselage + Final Assembly

  • With all the separate parts pretty much done, all that’s left is the main fuselage. Wings are made first and attached to central part, cockpit portion attached to front. Lot of panel lining needed for the wing and fuselage. First image zooms in on a panel lined left wing versus non panel lined right wing.
  • The arms take a bit of force to push in their corresponding areas though. Needed to use scissors to make the hole wider in order to put them in actually…
  • Legs are the easiest part to attach, clicking right into place via a ball joint.
  • Some miscellaneous armor exterior parts added.
  • Took about 3 hours and 20 minutes. Notably, the legs are held in place to the fuselage via tabs that are unique to this kit and I believe the VF-2F w/ Tornado Pack. The other kits I’ve made had no such tab, so the legs tended to droop down a little bit.

Step 9-11 – Rifle, Rifle Attachment, Landing Gear:

  • Total for rifle parts etc. and landing gear took about 40 minutes. Rifle has quite a few parts to it, attaches to the underside of the plane.

Total Completion Time:

  • 8 hours for Initial Assembly + Panel Lines + 1.5 Hours for Stickers = About 9.5 hours.



Some pictures of my other Macross Frontier kits: Here, Here, Here, and Here.



  • Stereoman says on: June 2, 2012 at 11:14 AM


    Whoah, the result is incredible! Good job!

    • Zephyr says on: June 2, 2012 at 7:48 PM


      XD. Sadly I’m not really one of those pro modelers though. It’d look better with decals and maybe some painting and stuff.

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