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Quick theory and things to note regarding Eureka Seven: AO.

July 14th, 2012

Going past the mid-point of E7:AO now, viewers were given the best episode to date in this past week’s episode 13. Filled with revelations, the prevailing question has become: How does Astral Ocean link to the original E7? If at all? And well, after discussing a bit with Guardian Enzo (http://www.lostinanime.com/) and fellow RC writer SaberMochi, I figured I’d share a theory I thought up recently as a result, as well as some interesting questions/points. More after the break…


And well, my theory is as follows:

1) E7:Ao is a prequel to the original E7 and takes place before the official arrival of the Scub Coral on Earth. Remember, E7 takes place after humans had evacuated Earth due to the Scub, then unknowingly returned later to the same planet.

  • The fact that Scub Bursts have only been happening for a few hundred years and thus mean that humans haven’t had much interaction with the Scub yet, combined with the fact that the Gekko-Go’s ship time was said to be thousands of years in the future, adds credence to this theory.
  • Also, remember the ring in the amber at the end of E7. It takes a long time for amber to solidify into that form, not to mention it could not explained why it was there in the first place. It is clearly Eureka and Renton’s ring though, as it was even marketed and sold as such. This also supports the theory because it makes sense if Eureka had arrived from the future and dropped it/left it there, where it was then picked up by the Eureka/Renton we know from the original E7.

2) E7:Ao is also a kind of sequel as well.

  • How so?¬†Because the future Eureka and Renton obviously have had an influence on the Ao storyline. In that respect, the events of the original E7 had to have happened before hand, before they arrived in the past (Ao’s storyline), so Ao in a way takes place after the original E7 in this respect.
  • They’re also intricately linked because you remember that Ivica had met Eureka 13 years earlier, when he hadn’t met Eureka yet, but she had met him. Combine this with Ivica’s comment that they need to send the current Eureka in Ao Episode 13 back, where she’d be then fated to return 13 years into the past… and it basically shows that this is the one and the same timeline… because this event is linked to a past they already experienced.

3) Overall, what the creator has done is intricately link both universes together.

  • I’ll admit this theory doesn’t answer all the questions, but it does seem quite possible that the theory forms at least the foundation of what’s going on. It’s possible there are still other things like alternate universes and multiple timelines being involved, but it seems like at least there’s nothing major debunking this theory.
  • Though, while Guardian Enzo has said it does fit neatly, he doesn’t buy it. Sabermochi does agree there’s definitely the possibility. ¬†I for one still think there’s more to it, regardless of whether my theory’s on the right track or not, but it’s definitely intriguing enough to make me want to write this.
  • It’s highly possible also that someone’s trying to mess around with the timelines in some shape or form also.
  • Notably, this theory implies that some plan was in place for the sequel was already in the works way before hand… which is either ridiculously amazing or something that debunks the theory. But looking back at E7 episode 50 with the dates listed on the card with Renton’s family on it… the dates do match up

Other Stuff to Note/Ponder:

  • Elena Peoples – Definitely plays a key part in the story. There’s something about her name being “Peoples” that seems signfiicant, but that might just be me. Also, there’s the seeming vibe she comes from a different timeline or world… that aspect, combined with her hair color might just be a link to Anemone from the original E7… though that could be pure chance. If anything, the former should be correct though, because as Guardian Enzo noted, those with strange hair colors are all not from Ao’s world.
  • Truth – Seems like at the moment he’s some kind of humanoid form G-monster/Secret. It’s interesting to note he was adopted by that scientist. But the major thing is what is said at the end of episode 13: “The Secrets are not enemies”. Makes me wonder if Truth is merely the exception to the rule, or he’s aiming for a certain conclusion that is actually a good thing, but via “questionable methods”.
  • Are the Secrets man-made? It’s seemingly been hinted as such, especially via the designs… Notably there was that one that looked exactly like the longboard used by Renton and Eureka in the episode Pacific State… coincidence?
  • The three seat Nirvash in E7AO episode 7 that only appears momentarily in one scene. Hmmm. Ao, Eureka, Renton…? Notably, this three seater disappears immediately after, even though Ao said “Let’s go, Nirvash!” initially and clearly didn’t ditch his Nirvash in the moments after. I wonder if this was actually a possible hint at Eureka showing up in her Nirvash?

And well, that’s about it for now. There’s probably a lot more to say, but guess we’ll see eh?


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