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Post Preview: Blast From The Past – Eureka Seven

July 19th, 2012

Figured I’d give you guys a look at something I’ve been working on over the past few days, as well as the chronological order I follow when doing posts like Blast From The Past. More after the break.

As you can see, I save the impressions/overall portion for last. The first element is finding a nice general image I feel reflects the series or fits well under the context of “Blast From The Past”, as well as a corresponding quote from the series.

This is followed by the screen shots, where I generally put in enough to give viewers enough to get an idea what the series is about. Of course, depending on the length of the series and whether or not it’s a movie/OVA, there will be differing amounts of screen shots. I’ve tried to stay within the 36 screenshot norm for the most part (you’ll notice there are 36 for both my previous Yukikaze and GITS posts), but have extended it to 51 for Eureka Seven because of its length as a 50 episode series. I’ve only previewed some of them here though.

Next, I take about anywhere from half an hour to and hour to research various tidbits about the series to be put in a corresponding section with the same name. Most of the information comes courtesy of MAL in the end though. Notably, the premise description is not copied, but rather handwritten myself.

And last but not least, the remaining part is organizing my thoughts about the series in a way that covers all the bases of describing what the series is about, the quality of the animation, the likability of the cast, voice actor highlights, a discussion about the music, and of course, the negatives and positives. The overall portion follows afterwards, where I try to summarize everything in a quick paragraph and recommend/not recommend the series to viewers. This part also requires a fair amount of research into the history of the series and so forth… so it takes at least a few hours to write.

And well, that’s about it for now! :D

EDIT: Real thing’s up, take a peek over at RC.

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