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Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku – 1/8 – VN02 (Max Factory)

August 19th, 2012

Looking around the internet, chances are you’ve probably stumbled upon something that you just have to have. I’ve had my share of those… and the Miku VN02 was one of them. I mean, there was just something about it that just oozed awesomeness. The futuristic, sleek design. The bright green that’s amazingly flashy, yet not overly so, nor to the point where it detracts from the rest of the design. It’s just a great figure. Never mind that I’m  generally not interested in anything relating to Vocaloids. The VN02 was something I just had to have. Sadly though, it was long, long sold out by the time I found it. There were still some on Amazon and other sites, but yeah, as expected, were exorbitantly priced as a result. Anyway, long story short… I managed to acquire one the other day via a friend (Many thanks!). And well, it’s time to share the wealth a bit with some pictures and a quick review.


Ah, the box. The first thing you see after purchasing a figure, the box is a great example of a multi-purpose item. Not only does it need to be strong and sturdy enough to protect the figure from damage, it also needs to be flashy enough both to show/advertise the figure and be unique enough that it can be distinguished from other figure boxes.

And well, the VN02 box is pretty darn good. The material is a kind of light cardboard for the most part, with some typical transparent plastic to show the VN02. Thus, it’s nothing too out of the ordinary compared to a typical box in this aspect and thus it’s fairly durable to withstand say, ah few kicks and drops, and so forth.

The design on the other hand, is what really makes this box. The figure is prominently displayed with a huge transparent window, allowing you to see pretty much each part of the figure without any real impediment. And well, it’s just a great touch that allows you to actually just display the figure still in the box for the most part, and be mostly satisfied, while not having to worry about cleaning it. Sadly the box is pretty big though… so it would take up a lot of space should you display it this way (I mean, it’s nearly twice the height of my printer!). Next, there’s the text saying “Hatsune Miku: VN02 MIX” stylishly lavished right in the middle of the inner packaging, where the stand is separated from the figure itself. It’s a notable touch that makes it so the text isn’t covering any part of the figure and also a key to allowing you to see everything without taking it out of the package itself.

The left and right side panels show the VN02 flying, along with some well done lines that emphasize the futuristic design of the figure itself. The back is like many boxes in that it shows the figure in various poses and isn’t quite out of the norm, but it gets plus points because of the gorgeous pictures that are used and the fact that the box is so large that they’ve been able to fit some darn great full shots.

Inner Packaging:

You know the inner packing is sturdy when it takes a bit of effort just to get the figure out of the box. But for the protection of a figure of such quality and cost, I wouldn’t have it any other way. For the most part, it’s two large pieces of plastic molded around each of the respect parts and connected via tabs right in the middle. There’s about 6 pieces of tape adding even more insurance that it won’t open up by itself, and flaps along the outside edges molded to the box’s dimensions to ensure it stays firmly in the box.

But perhaps the biggest plus is the fact that it comes with a shiny, reflective cardboard piece wrapped around the plastic packing. I spent quite a bit of time ponder what I could use as a background to take pics… but yeah, this solved my problem instantly. It made me feel exceptionally stupid for spending so long thinking about it though. Heh. But yeah, you’ll see it in pics above and below.


You know the figure is brand spanking new (and awesome) when you open the package and you get a nice whiff of newly molded plastic. Aherm* I mean, the figure is just gorgeous. Sleek, with colored in panel lines, and a huge amount of detail… this is the kind of figure I’m talking about when I say awesome. It was slightly more difficult than I expected to hook up all the parts because of the hair and the natural unbalanced weight of the figure, but no matter. The instructions (pic above) were pretty straight forward and made it pretty easy to put on the stand, albeit I am slightly worried about the weight distribution, as the figure has a tendency to shift a little bit if you shake the stand/surface it’s standing on. It doesn’t look like it’ll fall considering how sturdy the stand holds it on for the most part… but I really can’t shake the feeling. Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t put it on the highest shelf in my room, but it just looks superb sitting there, so I don’t want to take it down to say the least.

Anyway, I’ll let the various pictures explain themselves for this section. More below.

Overall Impressions:

Prior to my acquisition of the VN02, the KOS-MOS Almecha from Alter was the crown jewel of my collection. But after this, I have to say that I have a new favorite at the moment, and well, you know what it is. There are just few figures of such quality and great design lying around, and I wouldn’t hesitate to say there are only a hand full of figures out now (and none on the horizon) that would top it in those terms or in terms of its photogenic qualities. Though… I do suppose the Madoka Ultimate from Good Smile coming out in a few months may yet give the VN02 a run for its money. We’ll see once I get it though. Anyway, yeah, that’s about it.

Bottom Line: Miku fan or not, if you collect figures, this should be in your collection.




  • Stereoman says on: August 19, 2012 at 2:14 PM


    I don’t like Vocaloid but that figure is gorgeous!

    • Zephyr says on: August 19, 2012 at 2:19 PM


      Da yo ne!?

  • D-LaN says on: September 13, 2012 at 6:24 AM


    Woah, Miku looks like she frm Rinne no Langrange lol!

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