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Re: Some Pictures and Future Plans

March 26th, 2013

EDIT (3/26/13): Found some spare time. Currently updating pages of the site that need it (RC/leetNEET posts/links etc.) in preparation for a partial revival of the site.

- – - – -

Hey there guys. I know there haven’t been much activity lately, but with Random Curiosity going down for a bit, some personal things I had to take care of before school started, and the new school year starting tomorrow… I’ve been strapped for time to say the least. I do have a surplus of stuff for posts, but it’s the difficulty in getting all the html formatting done “quickly” that’s preventing me from getting them out faster.

As such, I’m pondering some format changes to the blog itself… or a new site in general in order to facilitate easier upload and displays of things like figures and artbooks, which are photo intensive. But do note that this will be a slow process with classes starting again, so please bear with me.

For now, have some pictures of the Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – Mooks – 4 – Key Animation Note (Media Pal) book I got recently.

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