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Zephyr's Compass

A blog about writing, photography, and everything in between.


April 29th, 2012

About Me:

I am a college student majoring in Biomolecular Science. I enjoy writing about a wide variety of subjects in my free time, and am currently a writer at Random Curiosity (my author page here) and leetNEET (list of posts written here). I am also a editor for Commie Fansubs, a person who loves to travel to new places, as well as an amateur photographer.

About the Site:

Created May 2012, Zephyr’s Compass is an endeavor to:
   1) Provide insight into less-ventured fields to allow general viewers to attain knowledge they may not see elsewhere and/or will enjoy. This is also to give people on the fence about careers (in fields such as writing), a unique perspective to allow for a more informed decision about whether or not pursuing such an interest is right.
   2) Create a venue  for the discussion of a variety of topics. Discussion will typically focus on fields I have experience with (anime, games, fan-subbing, writing, photography), but may occasionally include other topics such as views regarding a certain issue etc.
   3) Further my reach into the community.
   4) Develop a particular writing style and improve my overall writing.
   5) Put myself on a path to becoming a career writer/journalist.

To accomplish these goals, I will:
   1) Write about the processes, knowledge I’ve obtained, personal views, and real-life experiences in the fields of writing, fan-subbing, travelling, and photography.
   2) Write impressions/reviews about Japanese animation and video games.
   3) Discuss news and/or topics of importance, while identifying views regarding the issue and including my own.
   4) Engage in discussions with viewers both on the site and on other mediums such (to be determined).

Special Thanks:

Thanks to “Moomba” of ei-n.com and Random Curiosity for the generously sharing his domain! Without you, the site and the things I’m able to do here… it wouldn’t have been the same! :D

Contact Information:

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